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JDM Planning & Design has an experienced and highly qualified team of design professionals that collectively has well over 100 years of experience in the design and construction fields. They each possess a shared vision of project execution, customer satisfaction, and unsurpassed quality that brings them together into a formidable and agile team that can meet all of your design needs.
Project Types:
  • New Construction
  • Historic Preservation
  • Design / Build
  • Additions
  • Renovations
  • Adaptive Re-Use
  • Expansions
  • Building Rehabilitations
JDM Planning & Design offers a wide variety of professional design services for practically any project type. Whether your needs are for an interior renovation, building addition, exterior building rehabilitation, building restoration, historical preservation, building expansion, site adapt, prototype development, or ground up construction – our team can execute any type of project and provide any number of services outlined below:
Survey Services
JDM Planning & Design offers a variety of investigative services that not only provide invaluable insight to the possibilities for our client’s projects, but these exercises also help identify constraints that can impact the scope, schedule, and budget parameters for your project needs. 
Feasibility Studies help our clients explore the practicality of the project’s functional goals and if they are congruent with their schedule and budget; and will inform the client in a pro-active manner if they need to make adjustments to either scope or budget to meet expectations.

Accessibility Surveys* can help our clients provide barrier free environments to those with disabilities. These surveys explore exterior and interior environments for buildings and campuses, and can help identify tiered priorities for clients as they aspire to ensure that their existing facilities are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Physical Security Assessments* are becoming more and more essential for all of our clients – including federal, state, city, and private sector organizations. Ensuring safe working environments for their staff and administrators has become an ever increasing priority for the world we live in today, and our ability to provide this service allows our clients to mitigate risk, provide piece of mind for their employees, and project costs that are associated with protecting all of their assets.
*services provided with cooperation with specialty consultants that specialize in these fields.
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Pre-Design Services
JDM Planning & Design offers extensive services for all of our clients during the pre-design phase of their projects. These services are critical in ensuring that the project starts off with the right trajectory towards quality, economy, and timeliness. 
Planning Phase Services include MASTER PLANNING and PROGRAMMING, and both facilitate a more informed project team as the owner, design team, and sometimes contractor all work together to identify project goals, agree to a schedule, and acknowledge the budgetary limitations for the project.
Research Phase Services combine a COMPREHENSIVE CODE COMPLIANCE REVIEW and an exhaustive EXISTING CONDITIONS VERIFICATION SURVEY to identify what the limitations of the existing conditions are for the project, and clarify how federal, state, and local code and zoning restrictions will impact your project’s ability to meet our client’s programmatic and economic expectations.
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Design Services
JDM Planning & Design’s team of Designers and Project Managers have extensive experience in providing all of the typical services most clients are familiar with – such as CONCEPTUAL DESIGN, SCHEMATIC DESIGN, DESIGN DEVELOPMENT, and CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS. However, we are also extremely qualified at providing services that elevate the project design experience by including periodic CONSTRUCTABILITY REVIEWS and performing benchmark QUALITY ASSURANCE/QUALITY CONTROL reviews as well.

These services compliment the regular design process in a manner that minimizes inconsistencies between disciplines in the Contract Documents – which in turn reduces the potential for cumbersome rework during the design phases; time consuming responses to excessive RFFI’s; and costly change orders during the construction process.
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Post-Design Services
JDM Planning & Designs portfolio of services for clients during the post-design phases helps facilitate manifesting their projects’ vision with the highest quality possible. It’s during this time that our team acts as the agent for the client to ensure that their project dollars are being properly utilized, and the expectations of quality are being satisfied.
Bidding & Negotiating support is critical for our clients as our team coordinates pre-bid walk-throughs; answers pre-bid RFI’s; provides ASI’s and Addenda as necessary; review substitution requests; and support our clients during bid-tab reviews to ensure that proper pricing has been provided during the bidding phases.

Construction Administration services occur during the phase of the project delivery where the design team observes the construction process as executed by the general contractor and sub-contractors, and provides field reports to the client. The client can use these field reports to inform their understanding of how the contractor is executing the project regarding quality and schedule. The design team also provides insight on the appropriate level of invoicing during this phase to help safeguard the client’s financial investment in the project and mitigate the potential for overpayment.

Submittal & Shop Drawing Review support are also standard services that our Designers and Project Managers provide, as they coordinate closely with general contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that specialized systems are field verified and installed in a manner consistent with the Contract Documents.
Other Services
JDM Planning & Design also offers several other design support services that help ensure that your project meets all of your programmatic, functional, budgetary, and schedule needs. ESTIMATING and VALUE ENGINEERING are ongoing and basic services that all projects enjoy, as our Designers and Project Managers rely upon decades of experience and wisdom as they apply their expertise in a COST MATRIX ANALYSIS that takes into consideration short term design and construction costs, and compares that to the long term facilities management and life-cycle costs to ensure that our clients make informed decisions to maximize their project dollars and optimize their project goals. Additionally, these services allow our team to make informed decisions regarding material and system selection that can have an adverse impact on your project due to limited availability of resources, labor, or long manufacturing times for specialized equipment.

Our Designers and Project Managers also rely upon our team of experts on the consultant team. CONSULTANT COORDINATION services are part of what we provide for all of our clients, as well as our ability to provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) as part of our basic services. BIM allows our design team to incorporate all building systems into a virtual model that facilitates a higher level of communication between disciplines and minimizing conflicts between trades before construction begins. BIM is also a powerful visualization tool that allows our team to better communicate to our clients how their spaces function and how their staff and visitors flow through their building. 

Additional services our clients can request: 
*services provided with cooperation with specialty consultants that specialize in this field.
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