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Jacob Cordell
BIM Technician

Jacob Cordell

Before becoming a part of JDM, Mr. Jacob Cordell has served in the U.S. army and been in careers dealing with technical manuals, schematics, blueprints -- but more so as an end user. Currently as a BIM Technician, Mr. Cordell finds it fascinating to take part in the evolutionary process of an idea transforming into an object. Although quite fresh in the design field, Mr. Cordell's past experiences have well equipped him with a discipline and standard to achieve excellence for both himself and the client. He continues to pursue learning and contributing to JDM and developing into a well-equipped project manager.


Jacob enjoys crunching virtual space ships with his gaming buddies. He's realized this has boosted his spread sheet skills. He enjoys going to live music shows on the weekend and keeps up with the bands that swing by from time to time.

Quote to Live By
Nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

- Anne Frank Holocaust Diarist

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