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Arbors at Stagecoach*
A New/Old Vision of a Neighborhood
Little Rock, AR
A Pocket Neighborhood
Neighbors looking out for one another like a family -- that's what true security looks like
*Randy Ripley worked on this project as the Project Architect. 
Completed in another firm.
Client: Arbors Development, LLC.
Location: Stagecoach Village Court, Little Rock, AR
Size: 5 Acres - 23 units
Cost: $4.5 M
Date of Construction: 2010
Mr. Randy Ripley intended this pocket neighborhood to be an architectural design effort toward creating community connectivity. All the units are flipped with the front porches facing a green space and parking out in the back facing the street. Not too long after it was built, the project successfully met the needs of the niche market of scale-down empty nesters and single professional buyers.   
The Beating Heart of the Community:
People and Nature
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Connectivity through the Front Porch
Mr. Ripley strategically oriented the cottage type unit footprints and front porches toward a central green space in order to foster natural and frequent interactions between homeowners. The front porches are essential to the design of the neighborhood emphasizing the need for interaction between the community members.
Green Space Centric
Mr. Ripley intentionally chose a site with many mature trees and saved them for the in the development. The trees have been contributing so much to the environment and community, and their legacy could continue to live on. Not only do the trees shelter the neighborhood from wind and weather, but they also make up the heart of the community.